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Comprehensive dentistry for individuals and families

We enjoy children and speak their language

Listening to the concerns and needs of patients and to explain and implement a solution to these needs

Digital radiography and camera

Maximum resolution with minimal x-ray exposure

Restorative Care

Porcelain crowns, composite and gold restorations to restore form, function and stability

Esthetic treatments, crowns, veneers and color corrections

Cosmetic Dentistry - White restorations/removing dark tired crowns or "fillings"

Veneers and esthetic bondings to reshape, recontour and recolor smile

Lightening / Whitening teeth in the manner most suited for the individual

Endodontic ( root canal ) therapy -treatment of abcessed or traumatic injured teeth

Oral Surgery

Anxiety and Comfort

We are known for our personalized care and for having the patient feel in control

Daily people come to us and say " I heard you are good with chickens, I'm the worst."

We give you the confidence to be a better patient

Full explanations and a comfortable pace helps make people more relaxed, we are not a sales force

We have and use the latest medications for relaxation as well as nitrous sedation for operative or hygiene with no charge